How To Lose Weight Permanently – Running

by Jim Richardson | Last Updated: April 28, 2020

For more than a decade I’d followed a cycle of losing and gaining weight, but I struggled to lose weight permanently. In truth I found it pretty easy to lose the weight, I would reduce my calorie intake down to less than 1000 calories a day and the weight would quickly fall away.

Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

The problem was that this never lasted. I’d grow tired of restricting my diet and soon I’d find myself eating junk food again and gaining back every pound that I lost.

Then I discovered the secret and when I did I wondered why nobody had mentioned it to me before. It was easy, effective and helped me to lose weight permanently – Running.

I was about 200 pounds when I read an article in a newspaper in which someone said that they’d taken up running and not only lost weight, but kept the extra pounds off.

I thought it sounded like it was worth a try, so I pulled on some trainers and ran a mile, tracking my steps on an app I’d downloaded onto my phone.

I must have looked a mess, huffing and puffing through the park, but nobody seemed to really notice me, even a big group of kids which nearly had me turn around and run the other way.

I slowly built up my miles and before long I was running thirty miles per week. I noticed that I wanted to eat a bit healthier to try and help me to run faster, but my weight started to drop as my miles increased.

Running 30 miles gave me an extra 3000 calories that I could consume, or allowed me to drop just under a pound a week. That sounds like a lot of miles, but split over a week it doesn’t seem too much of a commitment, especially when you think of running as ‘me time’.

After I’d been running for a while, someone mentioned a local running club and though it terrified me, I went along and found the other runners very supportive. I ended up joining.

It was only when we the running club had a night out that the conversation turned to weight loss.

It seemed that I wasn’t alone, everyone who I was now running with had lost 60 pounds or more.

We all took out our phones and showed each other the before running pictures, it was extraordinary. We’d all discovered that running was the route to losing weight and keeping those extra pounds off permanently.

Other people around me noticed the difference and a couple of people took up running inspired by my story. It was great to see them ditch diet meals and shakes and discover for themselves that they could get the weight loss results that they wanted just from running.

Four years later I’m still keeping the weight off and even better than that, my kids are running too. My decision to try and run a few years ago has transformed my life and hopefully the lives of my children.

If you want to lose weight permanently try running. You might find that it changes your life for the better too. 

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